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Our prices are affordable, and all our team members are located in the United States.

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We will staff your project with a complete team of data analysts, a project manager, and an HR/administrative manager.

Continuous improvement model

Our team uses a continuous improvement model to maintain best practices within the industry.

what we offer

Data Science Services

Data Exploration & Analysis

Data science aims to explore and analyze data to gain a deep understanding of underlying patterns and relationships.

Resource Optimization

Data science optimizes resource allocation, such as budgeting, personnel, and operational assets, to maximize efficiency and minimize waste.

Machine Learning & AI
Data science involves the development and deployment of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence systems to automate processes, make predictions, and improve efficiency.
data strategy & consulting

  • Assessment & Needs Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Data Architecture & Infrastructure
  • Data Integration

Data collection & preparation

  • Data Wrangling
  • Data Preprocessing

Data analysis
  • Data & Statistical Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis
Data visualization
  • Dashboarding
  • Report Automation
Model development
  • Language Normalization
  • AI Modeling
  • Machine Learning
Model Deployment
  • Environment Setup
  • Model Integration
  • Testing & Validation
  • Performance Modeling

Geospatial Services


Geospatial technology assists in precision agriculture by optimizing planting, irrigation, and fertilizer application based on local conditions.

Urban Planning
Geospatial data helps urban planners design sustainable cities, manage urban sprawl, and enhance infrastructure.
Transportation & Logistics
Geospatial technology is used in route optimization, fleet management, and supply chain planning for efficient transportation and logistics.

  • Quality Control
  • Point Cloud Registration
  • Point Cloud Classification
  • LiDAR Annotation
  • Data Storage & Management


  • Spatial Analysis
  • Cartographic Design
  • Feature Extraction
  • Geocoding
  • Labeling & Annotation
  • Topology Analysis

  • Route Planning
  • Interactive Maps
  • Geofencing

  • Project Planning
  • Instrument Selection
  • Surveying
  • Metadata Creation


  • Spatial Analysis
  • Modeling Techniques
  • Suitability Mapping
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Ongoing Monitoring

Quality Assurance & Testing

Customer Trust

High-quality products and services build customer trust and loyalty, fostering long-term relationships and repeat business.

Risk Reduction
Quality assurance identifies and mitigates risks early in the process, reducing the likelihood of costly issues or failures later on.
Regulatory Compliance
Quality assurance ensures that products and processes meet regulatory requirements, avoiding legal and regulatory penalties.
Planning & designing tests

  • Identify Risks
  • Identify Areas to Be Tested
  • Design Tests
  • Manage Test Environments

Executing tests

  • Run Tests
  • Collect Data
  • Training Testers

Analyzing test data
  • Review Test Data
  • Identify Defects or Problems
  • Roport on Test Results
  • Make Recommendations

Meet the Team



Ryon Brewer has been a software executive in the Tech industry for the last 20 years. He has started multiple businesses and brings experience and knowledge on business best practices with an entrepreneurial mindset.


Program Manager

Olivia is a graduate from BYU-Idaho with a degree in environmental geoscience and an emphasis in GIS. She is skilled in machine learning, point cloud mapping, point cloud registration, language normalization, and other various data science projects.


Account Manager

Libby is a recent graduate from BYU-Idaho with a degree in business management and marketing. She handles the sales and marketing side of our professional services.

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